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The Great Reading Games' Top Schools

Categories: Education & Teaching, Learning Disabilities

Learning Ally's Great Reading GamesThis fall, students with print disabilities across the country were invited to read more books to win prizes for their school in Learning Ally's Great Reading Games contest. The contest provided a simple and fun way to help encourage students to read more and get them excited about listening to audiobooks from Learning Ally's library. Thank you to all the schools that participated in The Great Reading Games and a special congratulations to those who went above and beyond and ranked in the top ten! These schools rallied their students who have learning differences to read thousands of pages of Learning Ally's audiobooks during the contest. We'd like to give a round of applause to the incredible teachers who go the extra mile every day to support their students with learning differences, and we also want our student members to know that we're so proud of them for all their hard work. Here are the top winners who read the most pages during Learning Ally's Great Reading Games:
  1. Schenck School, Atlanta, GA: 302 students read 24,624 pages 
  2. Arcola Elementary School, Arcola, IL: 62 students read 15,808 pages 
  3. West Navarre Intermediate School, Navarre, FL: 24 students read 10,586 pages 
  4. FD Roosevelt Elementary, Weslaco, TX: 23 students read 9,706 pages 
  5. Kleb Intermediate School, Spring, TX: 38 students read 8,199 pages 
  6. Crockett Elementary School, San Marcos, TX: 12 students read 8,138 pages 
  7. Barton Middle School, Buda, TX: 103 students read 9,963 pages 
  8. Young Women's Leadership Academy at Arnold Middle School, Grand Prairie, TX: 17 students read 7,207 pages 
  9. Jefferson Junior High School, Naperville, IL: 46 students read 8,201 pages 
  10. Ortiz Elementary School, Brownsville, TX: 37 students read 5,686 pages