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Motivation to Habit to Impact: Webinars for Learning Ally Educators

Categories: Education & Teaching, Webinars

middle school studentsLearning Ally is offering a new series of webinars for educators with school memberships who are interested in motivating their students to read and inspiring them in a way that makes a true impact on school and student success. How do you motivate students to read? These webinars provide separate tips and strategies for the elementary, middle school and high school setting. National Director of Educator Engagement and Initiatives Terrie Noland will discuss how to better use audiobooks in the different situations and scenarios that students are in each and every day. Discussion will include:
  • How to find out what kinds of books each individual child will be motivated by
  • Reading motivation and engagement for the struggling reader
  • Resources on how to engage students with book clubs and interesting authors
  • When speeding up the text is appropriate and how this can help students finish required reading faster
  • Become familiar with how a student needs to interact with technology
  • Tips on sharing progress with students to build daily reading habits
Plus, Terrie will share what success looks like for schools and students effectively using audiobooks, "If a struggling student can move from being motivated to read with audiobooks to forming a habit around that engagement, the impact is real." Register and watch the recording for the education level of the students you are teaching:

Elementary School

Middle School

High School

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