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Messages of Love and Encouragement to a Struggling Reader

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There’s no better time than Valentine's Day to send messages of encouragement to a struggling reader.

Yes, there is self gratification in reading, but many children and teens, especially early learners and struggling readers, need more coaching, and inspiring words to empower them to read.

Hearts of encouragementWhen we see a child’s face light up after they read their first book, or a teenager excitedly describe comprehending text in a complex subject on grade-level, these are "aha" moments that open the flood gates to knowledge, adventure, and confidence -- the precious gift that every child deserves.

So Let’s Do It!

Reading encouragement is such an easy act to do, and no one does it better than our Learning Ally teacher and parent communities. Here are messages that will make any child smile!

"It's so wonderful to see you find a good book and really enjoy reading."

"I see you. I see how hard you work. I see the warrior you are every day and every time you pick up a book. You are brave. You are strong. You are a success."

"You are not the only person that finds reading difficult...many people have had the same struggle. You have the opportunity to listen to all kinds of books (even your schoolbooks) on audio...while you learn ways that help you read and learn."

"You are given a unique gift. Find your gift, cultivate it. Share it with the world. Believe in yourself and your uniqueness. Society needs your gift."

"You are the "STAR" of your life journey! I believe in you! NEVER GIVE UP! You are a unique being with a unique purpose. Listen to your heart and balance with your mind!"

"Be strong, be a winner...be a reading wizard! Other people do it and become doctors, inventors, photographers, scientists, and cool house builders ... you can do it, too!"

"I am so proud of you for your dedication and hard work as you work towards your reading goals. Congratulations to you❤️!"

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