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Learning Ally LINK Named Top Resource for Students with Learning Disabilities by Teachers with Apps

Categories: Assistive Technology, Education & Teaching

teachers with apps logoLearning Ally’s LINK app was just named a Top 11 2017 Resource to support students with learning disabilities, by Teachers with Apps, along with 10 other stellar educational company apps.

Teachers with Apps

Teachers with Apps is a premium resource for educators and parents to discover exceptional ed-tech tools in the digital space and to provide recommended mobile apps that are the tools of the future.

This community strives to understand child development and the significance of all factors that contribute to a happy and healthy child, including academic, social, emotional, cognitive, and physical well-being. Each product/app review goes through a rigorous evaluation by teachers, therapists, and educators with specific expertise. Products are also field tested with a cross-section of students and teachers.

Learning Ally LINK

Sarah Smirnoff, Director of Product Development for Learning Ally says, “We’re thrilled that Teachers with Apps selected our mobile app as a highly-recommended product. Our human-narrated audiobooks bring curriculum to life for struggling readers, especially those with dyslexia who have difficulty decoding words and keeping up with grade level materials.”

LINK VOICEtext screenshotLearning Ally’s reading solution includes access to over 80,000 human-read novels, literature and K-12 textbooks in accessible formats. A suite of powerful teacher resources help teachers easily manage assignments and monitor student progress.

The mobile, desktop and Chromebook app, Learning Ally LINK, ensures the highest quality digital reading and learning experience in a school environment and for anytime reading. Students can listen to text read aloud in a multisensory reading experience. This award-winning app has proprietary VOICEtext ™ technology that synchronizes human narration with highlighted words. The app ensures consistent eye tracking and includes bookmarks, notetaking, and has the exact page numbers as the printed textbook. Students can share their notes with teachers and parents, using them as study guides and for book reports, amplifying the digital reading experience.

Learn more about Learning Ally

Millions of U.S. students with vision and learning disabilities require reading accommodations to read on grade level. With Learning Ally, students master content knowledge. They learn in mainstream education settings. They keep academic pace with their peers, enhance their vocabulary and use active critical thinking skills to become engaged readers and achievers. Interested in a demo of Learning Ally? We're glad to provide one for you. Join an online demo today.

- By Valerie Chernek