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Lafayette native with dyslexia wins national award; aims to erase stigma around learning disabilities

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KATC ABC 3 LAFAYETTE, La. - A Lafayette native is breaking down barriers, despite a number of learning disabilities. Emily Daly has dyslexia, dysgraphia, and dyscalculia. They all affect her way of reading, writing, and comprehending numbers. Despite her challenges, she hopes to erase the stigma associated with dyslexia through her success. Daly currently uses an app to help her complete her homework. She has to listen to an audio version of her text books and assignments.Emily Working "There's a huge stigma that's associated with dyslexia," Daly said. "People think for some reason that if you're dyslexic you can't be intelligent and you're somehow disabled, but no, your brain is just different." Despite the challenges, she calls her situation just a different way of learning. "Growing up with dyslexia was very difficult," Daly said. "I had to put in twice as much work as everyone else to even get close to the same product." Daly is a now a Sophomore at Notre Dame University and she has a double major in neuroscience and art history. She's even in the honor academy. Daly is being recognized for her success through the Learning Ally Awards, a non profit that helps people with visual and learning disabilities. She's won a scholarship through the award. Daly is one of six people in the nation to win the award. It now sits near her piano as a symbol of strength and perseverance. She hopes to inspire others "I really think my dyslexia has given me a certain back bone and with hard work I know I can accomplish just about anything," Daly said. "Work hard and it will happen." Emily is also creating a group to read to students in schools who have dyslexia. KATC.com | Continuous News Coverage | Acadiana-Lafayette