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Honoring of the Life of Robert Propoggio, Friend to Learning Ally

Categories: Giving

RRobert with Booksobert Propoggio, longtime friend and supporter of Learning Ally passed away on Aug. 9, 2016 at his home surrounded by family. Robert was a respected pharmacist in Oak Park, IL, and the owner of Proper Pharmacy. Robert loved classical music. He also was an avid reader of science fiction and history books. He was a self-taught physicist with several patented scientific theories. His art of conversation was unparalleled. He is survived by 6 children, 25 grandchildren; three great-grandchildren. His daughter Leslie shares:
“It was my father's wish to have donations sent to build textbooks for the blind in lieu of flowers upon his death. He was an avid reader and desired to help the blind be able to enjoy books as well. You will receive many donations in honor of Robert Propoggio and we hope it will help many. “
The Propoggio family has created a legacy of reading for people with learning differences in honor of their father. On behalf of the over 250,000 students served by Learning Ally - thank you! Want to honor the life of a loved one? Visit: LearningAlly.org/Donate