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Girl Scouts Goes for the Gold with Assistive Technology

Categories: Assistive Technology, Learning Disabilities

Brother using Learning AllyCaitlynn, a high school senior and Girl Scout, has decided to focus on assistive technology as her project to earn her Girl Scouts Gold Award.  The Gold Award is the highest level of Girl Scouting and she wanted to use this opportunity to highlight and bring awareness to students who learn differently due to a difference in learning styles such as dyslexia

Inspired by her brother, who has been a Learning Ally member for over 5 years, she’s decided to work with her local library to add iPads filled with software that can help students who learn differently succeed academically.

Caitlynn noticed that ever since her brother started using assistive technology such as Learning Ally, he’s been able to complete his homework independently and has a better understanding and grasp of his eighth-grade curriculum. Seeing the progress that her brother has made and noticing how her family has also benefitted from the solution, she wanted to make sure all students have the opportunity to learn. 

Caitlynn shares,

“If struggling readers knew about the resources available to them they could ask for proper accommodations.  If a student is interested in something then they’re more inclined to learn.”

Assistive Technology Vision BoardSpringfield Public Library in New Jersey, will benefit from Caitlynn’s project.  She will load iPads with various assistive technology applications, including guides to help students get the most out of the learning tools.  She will also provide the library with a few non-digital kits of supplies, such as pencil grips, highlighted paper, slant boards, whisper phones, etc., to help students heighten their educational experience.

Caitlynn in Her Girl Scout Uniform“By creating a free assistive technology lending library, I want to put assistive technology into the hands of kids with learning disabilities. I want to raise awareness for learning disabilities and assistive technology in general. Assistive technology is not a crutch, but rather a necessity to help bridge the gap between kids with learning disabilities and their peers.”


Caitlynn, we commend you for shedding light on an issue and providing solutions to help students, who learn differently, succeed academically.  You are an inspiration and we wish you good luck in your effort to attain your Girl Scouts Gold Award.

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