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Family history of dyslexia? No, not us. Wait, what. . . ?

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Researchers say that dyslexia likely has a genetic link, but that connection isn't always apparent. When one Mom blogger was cleaning out her closet (literally), she was surprised to find the link in her own old school records. Here's JJ from the blog Dee-Lexia: ************************************************** papers "I found my baby book. As I looked over coloring sheets, awards and pictures, I also found my report cards. (My sweet Mama kept everything!)     This is the first thing that caught my eye. It’s teacher comments from my 3rd grade report card: Teacher's Comments

'She needs extra help with spelling words. She tends to spell them just the way they sound. She always does well on her spelling test; however, I feel this is probably due to her studying.'

When I read that, I froze. There it is …hidden, right there in the past! There is the hereditary link to dyslexia. Whoa. Fascinated, I dug into those old papers some more …." Read more about this mom's journey in the blog Dee-Lexia. ************************************************** Have you looked into your family history? What have you found? Many times the link can be hidden because people don't like to admit to struggles, and sometimes people with mild to moderate dyslexia find ways to hide it. Pledge to be RealThat's one reason we all signed the "Pledge to Be Real" at last spring's Disney Family Gathering. We must start opening up to each other in order to erase stereotypes and spread awareness.       To learn more about spreading dyslexia awareness, join us on our Learning Ally Facebook Parent Chat. For a more private conversation about the signs of dyslexia, schedule a 30 minute consultation with one of our Parent Support Specialists by visiting www.LearningAlly.org/Parent or calling 800-635-1403.