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Ear Reading Opens Doors for Students Who Have Dyslexia

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We are continually amazed by the intensity of personal accounts and exchanges that take place on the Learning Ally Parent Chat on Facebook.  Here's a recent story that a mom shared about her middle school-aged daughter.


"Proud mama moment - our 12 year old daughter who is diagnosed with dyslexia, dysgraphia and ADHD came down the stairs a bit panicked yesterday morning! Her Learning Ally bookshelf said 'limit reached.' Carter wasn't able to download any more books and she wasn't happy about it. 11223944_10206177657493897_1513449001732105831_n"I gave it a try and came up with the same results. We came to the conclusion that we may need to delete some old books off of her bookshelf but couldn't figure out how to do it on our own. So we called the support number and were informed, that in fact, the credit card we used for automatic membership renewal had expired. She was so excited to hear that she'd have access to more books in just minutes.
"The Learning Ally representative quickly got us back on line and then exclaimed. . .
'Over 10,000 pages read…I have never seen a number that large on an individual account! Way to go, Carter. Tell her I am proud of her.'
"Of course, I did! And with those kind words from a stranger, we both had the opportunity to hold our heads high, feel10987483_10206177652613775_1573220497538245283_o optimistic about the future and proud of all of Carter's hard work on this journey. "We just wanted to share this moment with families working hard every day to support their children and others like them in a quest for access to content. Carter has been through remediation, and is able to decode almost any word she encounters, but it takes time and an enormous amount of energy. "Reading for relaxation wouldn't exist without ear reading for her. I am so thankful for Learning Ally and technology that makes access to content possible for her."
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