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Dedicated Supporter Helps Learning Ally Change Lives

Categories: Volunteerism

Chicago-based donor and volunteer Charley Tausche is a retired lawyer, lover of baseball and a man who gives his time and money because he recognizes that Learning Ally changes people's lives. He has even recruited his friends to become supporters of those who learn differently. "I've read the stories about students who use Learning Ally, and they all say in their testimonials, 'It changed my life' -- and I'm sure it does!" explains Charley. "It allows them to function the same as other students." Learning Ally volunteer and donor Charley Tausche, reading in the Chicago studio Charley began volunteering as a reader ten years ago, after a close friend introduced him to the organization. Today, he helps in the studio by marking books and entering data into the computer to prepare for recording sessions. “Charley works harder than almost any other volunteer in pushing himself to learn, understand, and perform book preparation duties," says Andrew Horton, production director at Learning Ally's Chicago Studio.  This work is tedious, complicated, and technical - and not very fun most of the time. But Charley has continually persevered in exploring and learning the job, even when it means beating his head against the wall.” After attending an event and hearing a member's testimony, Charley pledged a multi-year donation and became a DreamBuilder. “Charley was the first to say yes when asked to be a DreamBuilder,” says Horton. “He is as dedicated to the students through his volunteer service as he is to the organization as a whole through his investment in the future of Learning Ally.” When Charley introduced a friend to the organization, they decided to become allies and donate to each other's favorite causes. The exchange increases the support system of those rallying around Learning Ally's vision for all people to have equal opportunities to learn. "It's such a worthy cause and it's unfortunate that we don't have enough money to do more, so it's more important than ever!" -Jenny Falke