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Waht If You Catn Reda? (What If You Can’t Read?) A Reporter Grapples With Simulated Dyslexia

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Colorado Public Radio - Ecno ynam sraey oga a relddif emac ot eht egalliv. Eh doots ni eht egalliv erauqs litnu eht elpoep emac ot netsil dna ot ecnad. A ylloj rehctu decnad htiw eht diamklim.

Child WritingThat was the sentence in front of me and I didn’t know what it said. I was always a pretty good student. But here I find myself, decades later, sitting around a table with other “students” -- actually, teachers from metro Denver schools -- with an assignment to translate it.

“I’m going to have each of you read either a sentence or part of a sentence out loud,” says our ‘teacher,’ sounding very much like a real elementary school teacher and suddenly making me nervous.

We’re going to read a simple story at this simulation session designed to let teachers know what it feels like to be a student who can’t read. Read the full story on Colorado Public Radio here.