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Confession: My Child Has Dyslexia

Categories: Learning Disabilities, Parenting

When Blogger Rachel of "Confessions of a Southern Redhead" first began blogging, she was content with writing (as she puts in her own words) "silly pieces about love and boys." However, as life often does, it threw a twist her way. Her blog became something much more deep:  Photo of rachel "Have you considered that your daughter could be dyslexic?" I had to look it up...I honestly didn't really know what that meant other than reversing  letters like "b" and "d". Let me start from the beginning. In the Pre-K years...Kelly was always super smart and well spoken. Even at 3 and 4 she was highly articulate and had a well developed vocabulary. Essentially, there was nothing wrong with her communication skills. She just couldn't write her own name. Big deal, I thought. She's only 4. Then it was struggling to recognize the sounds the letters of the alphabet made. She couldn't write the alphabet from A-Z correctly to save her life, but by George she could sing it til you were reaching into the closet for duct tape. This week's blog is about the struggles, the tears, the frustration as well as the hopes, the joy, the successes. Please take a moment and read this if you or someone you know deal with this learning difference....or even just have a kid struggling with school in some way. You're not alone. Here's my story. #1in5 Read more at Confessions of a Southern Redhead You are not alone! Find out about Learning Ally's Parent Support