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Putting California Dyslexia Guidelines Into Action

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Learning Ally’s human-narrated audiobooks have just been listed in the new California Dyslexia Guidelines (CDG) as a recommended reading accommodation by the California DOE. The CDG is the latest addition to the library of state education authored resources for educators who suspect or identify students with a learning disability. The Guidelines offer direct, explicit, and systematic reading instruction, as well as clear and useful direction on the need for, and uses of, accessible educational materials, including audiobooks.

This distinction is an honor we accept gladly to support California educators as they plan to identify struggling readers with dyslexia and provide reading accommodations to transform their reading experience. To assist California educators in this effort, Learning Ally is hosting this webinar and hope you will join us. Register Now!

Ready, Set, Go - Putting Your CA Dyslexia Guidelines into Action

Tuesday, September 26, 2017 at 2:00 PT, Dr. Kathy Futterman, a CA dyslexia expert, will discuss three key areas to implement the CA Dyslexia Guidelines:

  • Guidance in building an effective dyslexia action plan.
  • Showcase of effective models underway in California districts.
  • Proven resources to identify, remediate, and accommodate students with dyslexia.

Photo of Kathy Futterman, text reads: Putting CA Dyslexia Guidelines in action

Ready to Empower More Struggling Readers to Be Confident Learners?

Learning Ally wants to be your school partner. Talk with us about having a 24/7 audiobook library and see how easy it is to manage reading assignments, student’s time-on-task, reading interests and progress monitoring using our super-friendly teacher tools and resources.

Like to have a similar webinar or discussion in your state or with your school or district team? We welcome the opportunity! Call 1-800-221-1098

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