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Bat Mitzvah Project: Raising awareness for students with dyslexia

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The Goslin FamilyJessie G., a 12-year-old has dyslexia and she has made it her mission to educate others about her difficulties with reading and spelling. She works hard every day to succeed in school, many times studying twice as hard as her peers.  In fact, her teachers marvel at her solid work ethic. 

Jessie views dyslexia as a gift.  Due to the fact that she thinks a little differently, dyslexia has afforded her the creativity to act, sing, dance, play the bass guitar and write her own songs.

Jessie loves all things music and Broadway!  She has been acting since the age of 6 and is serious about her craft.  Along with Consciously Cool Chick, Jessie is excited to have inspired the design for comfy and fun leggings that reflect who she is and what she hopes to achieve in life!  Leggings for a Reason

Jessie is committed to raising social awareness for We're all made of stars, we're all made of dreams" Jessie's leggings have a cute musical theme and they feature her favorite quote from Finding Neverland. 

In partnership with Consciously Cool Chick, Jessie will donate 100% of profits from the sale of these leggings to Learning Ally for her Mitzvah project, a meaningful, good deed Jessie has chosen as part of her journey towards becoming a Bat Mitzvah in March of 2018.

Support Jessie's dream and Bat Mitzvah project and purchase leggings that will inspire the dancer in your child.



Are you doing extraordinary things in support of students who struggle to read? Send us an email at allkidscanread@learningally.org and we'll help to spread the word.

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