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Audiobooks for Kids Who Struggle with Reading

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Pamela Taylor Founder of Lexiability

Earlier this year we met with Pamela Taylor, Lexiability founder to discuss why she believes audiobooks and Learning Ally Audiobook Solution can truly help transform the lives of struggling readers.  Pamela Taylor is a Certified Dyslexia practitioner, certified Orton Gillingham teacher, Certified Masters Barton tutor, and with over 100 student referrals a Learning Ally Reading Champion.  We are so grateful for her investments of time, talent, and treasure to moving forward the Dyslexia Awareness movement.


We asked Pamela a series of questions that relate to the importance of providing struggling readers with the right accommodations to ensure their academic success. Here you can find her responses by topic in audio format.


Audiobooks is not cheating!

Audiobooks & Word Exposure

Audiobooks as an accommodation for various learning differences

About Learning Ally

LEARNING ALLY is a leading education solutions organization dedicated to transforming the lives of struggling learners. The Learning Ally Audiobook Solution is a proven multi-sensory reading accommodation for students with a reading deficit composed of high quality, human-read audiobooks, student-centric features and a suite of teacher resources to monitor and support student success. Used in more than 18,000 schools, empowering over 425,000 struggling readers annually, this essential solution bridges the gap between a student’s reading ability and their cognitive capability, empowering them to become engaged learners and reach their academic potential.

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