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Parent Chat: What Accommodations are Typical for a 2nd Grader with Dyslexia?

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Overheard last week on the Learning Ally Parent Chat Facebook group, where richly informative conversations abound: Question from Diana: "Advice needed. I have a meeting with my school's Student Success Team. My daughter is in 2nd grade and this is  her first year afterLA-2699_LR being diagnosed with dyslexia. The meeting is to discuss 504 accommodations. What accommodations are typical for 2nd grade? She has an Orton-Gillingham tutor outside of school. Thanks!" Among the helpful answers that came in were these: From Rebecca: "My daughter is in 2nd grade and was identified last December. She has reduced spelling words (7 out of 20), reduced AR points (10 out of 20 per six weeks), OG class an hour each day and they must orally read to her if she fails a test or assignment." From Laurie: "Diagnose her spelling grade level vs. putting her in her grade-level words. Reducing from 20 to 7 doesn't make the words themselves within her conceptual level. Just a different way to think about it. Thanks." From Lisa: "Bright Solutions for Dyslexia has a video and handout of accommodations, Learning Ally, under educators, has an accommodations list - audio books, scribe, extra time on test, reader for tests, aid in classroom to support struggling readers, spelling accommodations like only test words used in appropriate intervention." From Vaughn Lauer: "I would suggest that you only request what is needed and not overburden your daughter with accommodations that are not needed--don't fall prey to "that would be nice, too, so let's add it." It can happen and the child is then swamped with things she/he does not need. Also be certain to check to see how the accommodations are working, if they are being provided, what difference it has made to your daughter and her progress in school. This last item is very important." (see Vaughn Lauer's webinar on optimizing the IEP process) LA-2175_LRJennifer Biang, Learning Ally Parent Support: "In this Facebook chat group there is a Files tab at the top. We have a PDF that lists common accommodations. You can download it and print or email it. Look for this: LA_Accommodations.pdf

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