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75 Years of Literacy for All: 1960 Scholarship Winner

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Learning Ally is celebrating 75 years of Literacy for All and we’re rediscovering and reconnecting with some of the wonderful people who have benefitted from our education solutions.

Meet Karen Gearreald from Virginia, who was born blind and is one of our first National Achievement Award winners. She was with us when we were Recording for the Blind (RFD) in the 1950’s through 1995, when we became Recording for the Blind and Dyslexic (RFB&D). Over the years she’s been with us when our recordings went from reel to reel tapes, to cassette tapes, to CD’s, to now, audiobooks, and best of all, she has been a part of our transformational journey and had access to all of them.

And her achievements are extraordinary. Karen shares, “I earned a Ph.D. in English at Harvard as well as a J.D. degree at Duke. I have since enjoyed a long career as a teacher, lawyer, musician, and entrepreneur. I am deeply grateful for Learning Ally’s help and encouragement.”

Watch this short video to learn more about Karen’s accomplishments and she Learning Ally gave her the educational tools she needed to read, learn and succeed.

Celebrating 75 years of life-changing solutions - Help us start the next chapter strong

Recording for the Blind (RFB) in the 1950’s through 1995, then Recording for the Blind and Dyslexic (RFB&D) and now Learning Ally has provided accessible content through assistant technology since 1948.  We’re proud to share that we’re expanding our outreach to students who have a reading deficit because they come from low-income households or because English isn’t their first language, among other factors. Florida State University has joined MIT and UCSF as we pilot our Whole Child Literacy and Excite Reading programs aimed at these households—and we have new programming in the works to support K-12 students, too.

It’s such an exciting time to be part of Learning Ally—join us! Donate today.