Many times children with print disabilities, like dyslexia, understand grade-level material yet struggle with accessing that material through traditional text. Audiobooks provide the ramp that allows students to work independently and to continue to grow their knowledge. We'll explain more about how that works in the following video.'

Research shows children who have dyslexia thrive when they are provided with three essentials: someone to provide support, evidence based reading instruction, and proper accommodations such as audiobooks. We like to call these steps a champion, accommodations and remediation. Learn more about how these three work together in the following video.  '

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At Learning Ally, we provide audiobooks to those who have certified print disabilities like dyslexia or visual impairment. Until we have the verified documentation, you will only have limited access to our audiobooks.

In order to make sure you continue with uninterrupted service, make sure to upload your child's proof of eligibility as quickly as possible. In this step by step guide, along with the video below, we will walk you through the process for uploading your proof of eligibility documentation.


We are so happy you joined our Learning Ally community! You probably know about our human-narrated audiobooks, but we have recently expanded to offer many parent and student support services such as free webinars and community events. Check out the steps below to help you make the most of your new membership. Remember, we're always here for you.