Grab 'N Go: Literacy Strategies for Everyday Use!

Elise Peck

Teach For America

3:00pm-4:00pm ET

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In this workshop, educators will be exposed to a toolbox of strategies they can use to support students’ literacy development. This workshop will be aligned to the preschool learning foundations and the common core standards. Educators will have time to read, talk, and engage in various activities that could be applied to both an in person and a virtual environment.

About the Presenter:

Elise grew up in the Bay Area. She received her BA in Dance and Education from UCLA and her M.Ed. in Urban Education and Policy from LMU. Elise taught pre-school through first grade and now works as a Director of Leadership Development for Teach for America Bay Area. Elise supports first and second year teachers in establishing classrooms full of joy, purpose, and critical thinking skills. Elise leads the design and execution of content workshops for over 150 first year teachers in the Bay Area.

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