Making the Connections from Early Screeners to Intervention

Eileen Catizone

CEO, Just Right Phonological Awareness

4:00pm-5:00pm ET

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Interpreting the results of an early literacy screener, forming intervention groups, and providing proper intervention routines can play a key role in reading remediation. Maximize your Response To Reading (RTI) practice with understanding what the screeners tell you and knowing how to group students based on needs. Then, learn what activities and instruction you can provide to maximize the growth of your students.

Emphasis will be placed on explicit and multisensory instruction, with repeated practice in routines. Instructional routines will encompass the developmental skills of early literacy in Kindergarten and first grade. This session is perfect for teachers, reading and literacy specialists, special educators, and those who want a deeper understanding of the foundational skills required for early literacy.

About the Presenter:

Eileen Catizone graduated from Northeastern University and taught for many years in early childhood and kindergarten classrooms. Eileen obtained her M.Ed. in Reading Curriculum and Instruction from Gordon College, where she developed a passion for teaching phonological awareness to students with Dyslexia. She is Orton-Gillingham certified and has taught at the Tufts Center for Reading and Language Research, as well as privately tutoring many students with Dyslexia in the capacity of a certified Tier III Reading Practitioner. After working for years as a reading specialist in the public sector, Eileen is now an educational consultant and the author of the Just Right Phonological Awareness™ curriculum.

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