Keynote: Perseverance, Passion and Purpose: Finding My Way

Andrew Lewis

Join two-time Olympian Andrew Lewis on an inspirational journey through his life with dyslexia. He will reflect on his early fears of being "swallowed up" by the disorder and how he, eventually, came to embrace it, becoming the loving face of dyslexia for his country.

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Andrew Lewis

The Andrew Lewis Sailing Foundation

Perseverance, Passion and Purpose: Finding My Way 

Andrew will take the audience on a journey through his life, talking about how he once thought dyslexic would swallow him up and take away any possibility of living to his fullest potential. He was born with a gift that showed him that while reading and writing once felt detrimental, it was there to show him where to look for his true purpose in life. 

As humans, we sometimes become our dark side cause, that's all we can see. So Andrew will take everyone on a journey of self-mastery about how he has been able to embrace dyslexia and let it be seen as a light and how he has become the loving face of dyslexia for his country. 

2-time Olympian Andrew Lewis's motto is "hard work pays," and even after a dyslexia diagnosis during his early school years, he challenged himself to do his best and focus on what he loved, sailing. Andrew became the first sailor from Trinidad to qualify for the London 2012 Olympics and recovered from a near-death experience to make a come-back in time for the Rio 2016 Olympics. Andrew is a firm believer in giving back to the dyslexia community. While at home in Trinidad, he runs several programs with The Andrew Lewis Sailing Foundation and embraces opportunities to mentor children of different backgrounds.

A focused, driven, and determined individual, Andrew embodies all the traits of a young professional athlete, true sportsman, and overall humanitarian.

Track: Serving Students with Dyslexia

Audience: Specialists

Audience Engagement: Polls, Chats, Opportunity to ask questions

Level: Beginner

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