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Success for Students with Learning Differences

What Drives Us

We believe all students should have equal opportunities to learn and succeed.

Today, students with learning differences have increased rates of depression, "at-risk" behaviors, a higher likelihood of dropping out and, ultimately, higher poverty rates. Without the right support, many of these students will needlessly struggle in school and will be poorly positioned for future success.

Learning Ally seeks to break this cycle of failure. We enable schools to support their struggling readers and build a strong foundation for independent, engaged learners who are empowered to achieve socially, emotionally and academically, regardless of their learning difference.

Turning Tears to Triumph!

Over the course of our history, Learning Ally has touched millions of lives. Before Learning Ally, many of these children were frustrated and lacked faith in their abilities. Now, with the help of Learning Ally, these students are equipped with the educational tools they need to overcome their learning differences, succeed in school, and believe in themselves and their future!

Our History

Our heritage started with serving the blind

It all began with Anne T. MacDonald, who in 1948 envisioned a service for soldiers who had lost their sight in combat. At the time, the newly passed GI Bill of Rights guaranteed an education to servicemen. Determined to help soldiers who were blind, Mrs. MacDonald led the New York Public Library's Women's Auxiliary to record textbooks on vinyl phonograph discs. The organization Recording for the Blind (RFB) was born.

Expanding services to a broader audience

After recognizing an increasing rate of membership of students with learning disabilities such as Dyslexia, RFB changed its name in 1995 to Recording for the Blind and Dyslexic (RFB&D). This expanded the populations of students we could serve to 1 in 5 nationwide. In order to embrace all students who struggle to learn and better represent the breadth of services we offer and the individuals we serve, the organization changed its name in 2011 to Learning Ally. 

Innovation is at our Core

Moving from vinyl discs, to tapes, to CDs, and now a mobile app, Learning Ally continues to be on the forefront of technology to ensure our students have state-of-the art solutions specifically designed to seamlessly integrate into the classroom and at home. Our transition from a library to a solution that helps drive student engagement and outcomes was based upon deep research to understand the needs of the educators and students we serve. Today, our innovation is cultivated in Learning Ally Labs, where we mine student usage data and learning behaviors, learn what teachers need and what works in the classroom, and develop relationships with world-class researchers to build better resources for both our educators and students.

Awards and Accolades

The EdTech Cool Tool 2019
Library of Congress Literacy Award
2018 Tech Edvocate finalist for Best Assistive Tech App
The Ed Tech Round Up
Innovation in Reading Prize
2019 Awards of Excellence Tech & Learning
Mobileweb award 2016
teachers with apps 2017 top 11 resources