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Keep Students Reading at Home to Limit Summer Learning Loss and the COVID Slide!

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Summer learning loss. It's real, and this year it’s likely to be amplified by the effects of disruptions in classroom learning. You can help limit it by ensuring your students continue to read all summer long with the Learning Ally Audiobook Solution.

We’ve provided these handy guides for both parents and students to make sure they know how to get started at home. They offer simple, easy-to-understand instructions for downloading the Learning Ally Audiobooks App, adding audiobooks to their personal bookshelf, and downloading the books directly to their devices so they can read anytime, anywhere.

Let them choose!

Having students read their required summer reading list with the Learning Ally Audiobook Solution is a great way to ensure they start the school year strong, but it is also important that they get a chance to read the stories they choose. In fact, Learning Ally research shows that when a student self-selects a book, they are 6x more likely to read that book than when it has been added by a teacher.

This discovery corroborates reading research data. Self-selection of texts is one of the most consistent strategies found amongst student motivation in reading research. Choice allows students to take control over their own learning and is an effective way to support the development of motivation when a student can read something that is of interest to them rather than assigned to them (Applegate et al., 2010; Cabral- Marquez, 2015; Fisher et al., 2018; Gambrell, 2011; Gambrell, 2015; Senn, 2012).

Learning doesn’t end when the school year does, so make sure your struggling readers are prepared before school ends. Send home the guide today!

Download the guide! 

Getting Started Infographic Parent Version

Download the student version

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The Learning Ally Audiobook Solution is an essential reading accommodation designed to bridge the gap between what a student can comprehend and what they can understand, allowing them to read independently and keep up with grade-level expectations. Featuring the largest audiobook library of its kind and a suite of reporting and progress monitoring tools for educators, it takes the stress out of reading and helps you keep them engaged and excited about learning.

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