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Does your child struggle with reading?

Find a reading specialist in your area to help determine if your child can benefit from interventions and get in-depth support helping your child read at grade-level.

Choose a state from the list to see a professional specialist near your area who can evaluate individuals for learning, physical and/or visual disabilities.

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Kathryn Cyphers

3675 Preakness Dr








The Counseling & Development Center



Reading Speech Language Services



Miller Psychological Associates, LLC



Atlanta Reading Tutor



The Swift School

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Our Reading Champions Are Experts!

Look for the Reading Champion badge when selecting a reading specialist. Our Reading Champions are best qualified to help your child read, learn and succeed academically with Learning Ally Audiobook Solution.

Regional and National Providers

Proven effective providers for reading specialist services and qualifiers for the Learning Ally Audiobook Solution.


Lexercise offers online therapy services for people with reading, spelling and writing problems such as dyslexia and dysgraphia. Lexercise’s online dyslexia test can help parents quickly identify a child’s risk of dyslexia. Learn more about how we can help you, schedule a free call with a therapist (tutor), or call us at 1-888-461-3343.


RW&C delivers professional ONLINE, one-to-one, in person, reading and spelling remediation services to help overcome the challenges associated with dyslexia, dysgraphia, and other learning difficulties. RW&C’s at-home Practice Sprints and Games supplement the weekly online lesson. It works! If you or your child are experiencing difficulty with reading, spelling, writing, or comprehension call now to learn how RW&C can help at 1-512-766-0208.



Lingokids is an educational tech and media company that is helping transform the way children can gain traditional educational and modern life skills. Its unique Playlearning approach puts children in the center of the Lingokids universe, which provides thousands of engaging, interactive learning experiences in a variety of mediums and surrounds them with choice and exploratory child-led learning paths. With a commitment to traditional, educational objectives for preschool through second grade, Lingokids knows today’s child needs engineering and empathy; reading and resilience; math fluency and mindfulness. A captivating cast of original characters seamlessly brings life to each immersive learning adventure and blends play with a modern skills curriculum to engage and motivate kids around the globe. Since launching in 2015, Lingokids has achieved category-leading viewership on YouTube and its portfolio includes the Lingokids app (Voted Best Original Learning App 2023, Kidscreen) trusted by more than 60 million families, Lingokids Studios, Lingokids Podcasts, and Lingokids Music Publishing. To learn more about Lingokids or try our app for 1 week free + 50% off an annual membership enter LEARNINGALLY50 and redeem your coupon today.

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