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Turn summer slide into summer success

Summer learning loss is real. Research shows that an average of six weeks in the fall are spent relearning material that was forgotten during the summer. You can eliminate summer learning loss by participating in Summer Reading Together. Plus, you’ll give them a chance to win great prizes, including a $50 gift card for four overall winners. Assign books from required summer reading lists or fun books from our lists.

Featured Human-Read Audiobooks: All Together Now

In alignment with the Collaborative Summer Library Program and libraries across the country, we've pulled together some of our favorite stories to align with the 2023 All Together Now summer reading theme. Check out these titles for Elementary School, Middle/High School, and Texas Schools.

What can kids win?

Four kids win each month and four win at the end of the summer for overall reading across June, July and August. Monthly prizes include digital gift cards! End of summer winners also receive a special digital gift card. Top kids who read the most pages or who have the most days spent reading will win!

Downloads and Printables

Use the following resources to motivate kids, share results, and continue to build reading habits all summer long. Spread the word!

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