2. Why Audiobooks are Important

We’ll explain why it’s important to use audiobooks and other assistive technologies. We’ll also share how audiobooks can be a ramp to reading and learning.

Here's how to get started

Step 1

Understand how audiobooks support better reading and more effective learning

Audiobooks can help children become better readers and more effective learners. If your child is having trouble learning to read or is struggling to keep up with homework, audiobooks can be a powerful tool that can improve reading comprehension, boost confidence, save time on schoolwork and lead to better grades.


Tips for Using Audiobooks

Better readers and better learners


Step 2

Build audiobooks into your child's comprehensive program of supports

Dyslexic students can thrive with a combination of reading intervention, appropriate accommodations and a champion in their corner. There are three keys to a comprehensive program including multisensory Language interventions, accommodations, and a champion to advocate and support each child's potential.

Intervention, Audiobooks & A Champion: The Perfect Fit!

Three key elements of a comprehensive program


Step 3

Embrace audiobooks as a ramp to learning

Audiobooks are not a crutch. They level the playing field for students with dyslexia when eye reading is a challenge. Understanding the value of audiobooks and how to explain this to your child will help him learn and in the process become more independent.

The Benefits of Audiobooks

Audiobooks as a ramp to learning


Step 4

Investigate how audiobooks can enhance learning

A child with learning disabilities can be successful when the proper tools and supports are in place. Parents need to stress the value of these supports and work with their child to practice using the technology and tools that aid with learning.

Learning Disabilities and the Family

Creating a positive experience for the whole family


More Resources

My Story

Mike’s journey through dyslexia


Audiobooks in the classroom

Use ear-reading to support learning


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