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Off-Syllabus LLC


Read, Write; Spell Right Tutoring


OFF Syllabus


3D Consulting


Academic Interventions

Dale City

Different Direction

Falls Church

Dyslexia Navigation Associates

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Regional and National Providers

Proven effective providers for reading specialist services and qualifiers for the Learning Ally Audiobook Solution.


Lexercise logo to say this: Lexercise offers online therapy services for people with reading, spelling and writing problems such as dyslexia and dysgraphia. Lexercise’s online dyslexia test can help parents quickly identify a child’s risk of dyslexia. Learn more about how we can help you, schedule a free call with a therapist (tutor), or call us at 1-888-461-3343.


RW&C delivers professional ONLINE, one-to-one, in person, reading and spelling remediation services to help overcome the challenges associated with dyslexia, dysgraphia, and other learning difficulties. RW&C’s at-home Practice Sprints and Games supplement the weekly online lesson. It works! If you or your child are experiencing difficulty with reading, spelling, writing, or comprehension call now to learn how RW&C can help at 1-512-766-0208.