Pauline Simonson

Marion Huber Learning Through Listening Winners

Pauline Simonson, Winner - Salt Lake City, UT

Around 3rd grade, Pauline was pulled out of her class and felt very alone. She could not read chapter books like Harry Potter and the Hunger Games. Her mom found Learning Ally, and Pauline's vocabulary expanded exponentially. Prior to Learning Ally, she would have to ask someone to read books to her. After she received the resource, she became an independent reader and learner. "I can read by myself," said Pauline. "Learning Ally opened doors to learn how to do things on my own. It opened my mind to an amazing world of books. I realized why books are so much better than movies. Today, I feel good about myself. I've grown as a person, socially, academically, and emotionally. Although I have a learning disability, I can do anything anyone else can."