Ella Doerr North Carolina

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Ella Doerr

North Carolina

Ella Doerr from Avon, NC says, “I am extremely grateful to Learning Ally. It helped me learn and enjoy reading. As a young dyslexic student, learning to read was hard. Any task that involved reading was frustrating. This reading resource introduced me to the fun parts of reading without the burden. It gave me access to exciting stories, captivating adventures and a huge amount of knowledge that I might not have been able to read and learn about. Having easy access to Learning Ally as a young student, I suddenly had the books available I needed for school, and I no longer struggled with words that I could not decode. I am always recommending Learning Ally because it helped me so much in my learning. I can read for fun. I enjoy learning and I realize how much I enjoy learning new knowledge and look forward to what’s next for me. I will use Learning Ally through college too. Without Learning Ally, I don't know if that would be the case. I'm extremely grateful. Thank you.”