Spotlight on Dyslexia Event Speakers

Jennifer Hasser

Jennifer Hasser

Executive Director, Kendore Learning and Syllables Learning Center

Jennifer Hasser, M.Ed., is a nationally recognized speaker and trainer in the field of reading and dyslexia. She is the founder and Executive Director of Kendore Learning, which provides training, curriculum, and materials to educators around the world. Her ongoing interest in the literacy challenges facing schools has led to the design, development, and implementation of comprehensive programs for public schools. She is a regular presenter at literacy and dyslexia conferences and serves as an educational consultant to schools across the nation. Her training and curricula are accredited by IMSLEC and IDA. Jennifer is also the founder of Atlanta-based Syllables Learning Centers, where she has helped thousands of struggling readers across the globe.



Discover High-Frequency Words

High-frequency words (HFW) are considered to be the most frequently occurring words in text. They account for approximately 60% of the words in print. Students need to be able to recognize these words instantly in order to be fluent readers! During this presentation, Jennifer Hasser, M.Ed., will discuss how to teach high-frequency words (HFW) efficiently and strategically to maximize retention. By teaching our students about the different types of HFW, and by discussing word origins to anchor spelling with meaning, we can provide them with the tools they need to be fluent readers.

You will learn how to teach high-frequency words by:

  • phonetic pattern
  • frequency
  • etymology
  • linguistic category
  • phoneme/grapheme mapping
Jennifer Hasser

Jennifer Hasser
Executive Director
Kendore Learning and Syllables Learning Center