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Beth Dewhurst

Beth Dewhurst

Professor, Moreland University

Beth Dewhurst is a faculty member and clinical mentor at Moreland University and a freelance ed tech/literacy consultant and blogger. Named Washington, DC's 2017 State Teacher of the Year, her ed tech EdD and current research explore how technology can connect learners, families, and educators for equitable learning access and literacy success.



Buckle Up: Let's Explore the Mind Blowing Implications for ChatGPT for Students with Dyslexia

Since its November 2022 launch, many educators may have tried ChatGPT or heard about it from their learners.

ChatGPT is just the beginning of a seismic shift in how we learn. Educators are finding themselves in a new space of needing to equip themselves amid the discomfort of not knowing what AI means for our instruction and assessment practices--yet.

This session aims to equip participants with the context and strategies for taking small, high-impact steps over time to build a new understanding of AI in education. Educators will see a live, teacher-created ChatGPT query (with a recorded screencast as backup). Next, we will examine a continuum of K12 and higher ed ethical responses, from banning ChatGPT and surveillance to how we might have mutual ethical use with our learners. Additionally, we'll consider trends in K12 teacher and learner implementations, focusing on literacy and the experiences of learners with Dyslexia.

Looking to next steps, participants will be invited to reflect on removing barriers, recommendations for what to do first in our instructional design, and strategies for ongoing knowledge-building and collaboration.

Beth Dewhurst

Beth Dewhurst
Moreland University