Helping Students Build Metacognition by Modeling in Read Aloud, Think Aloud

Presented by Dr. Terrie Noland, Lia Preuss and Heather Wiederstein.

Read-alouds with students are an incredible way for students to build and strengthen their metacognition as they experience:

  • Literacy and learning as a source of enjoyment
  • Critically engaging with a text
  • Thinking and wondering about a text

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Dynamic and engaging read-alouds are also “think-alouds” as teachers demonstrate (and encourage and support students) on how to think critically about a text. In think-alouds, students experience the thought processes behind engaging with and analyzing a text, and witness what “thinking about a text, “ and “thinking about thinking” in action. Students become active learners, readers, and thinkers with read-aloud, think-alouds as their comprehension skills and understandings, their cognition and social-emotional learning and development build and reinforce each other - all while enjoying and delighting in books.

More about the speakers

Dr. Terrie Noland

Listen. Learn. Lead. Dr. Terrie Noland uses this philosophy as an innovator and a motivator, and it's evident as she leads, coaches and mentors thousands of K-12 educators each year about research-based literacy practices. She has a unique perspective on the need to unify all stakeholders around a vision for education to smash the literacy divide for millions of students. Her daily mission is to add value to educators to help influence transformational changes in school districts across the country by addressing the needs of students and educators.

Lia Preuss

A former teacher and early childhood education evangelist, Lia Preuss left the classroom in an effort to improve the lives of children and teachers through technology. Lia brings a teacher's voice and a deep respect for child development to her role as Director of Early Literacy Solutions at Learning Ally, where she proudly manages the creation of technology that brings books to life for young learners. Lia leverages her understanding of the classroom and her experience as Senior Product Manager at Tadpoles and Teaching Strategies to deliver software that is intuitive, aligned with the best practices in education, and a joy to use.

Heather Wiederstein

Heather Wiederstein was appointed to the role of Vice President of Solutions Development in July 2019. She oversees the vision and development of Learning Ally's Solutions. Heather has spent the last 15 years writing, designing, and managing the delivery of learner-focused educational software. Bringing an educator's eye to every software project, Heather strives to bring Learning Ally's partners the highest quality, easy-to-use technology solutions by being keenly in tune with the educators and learners in today's classrooms. She leverages this understanding and connection to create meaningful education technology solutions that improve classroom practice and student learning. Heather started her career as a certified classroom teacher in Pennsylvania, teaching reading, English Language Arts, and Literature and Composition in grades 6-12.