Cultivating a Trauma-Informed Learning Environment Post-2020

Presented by Michelle Gonzales Gerth

The impact of COVID-19 is undeniable in today's classrooms. Educators are struggling to meet the academic and social-emotional needs of their students. This session will give educators the understanding, knowledge, and tools needed to create a more equitable and trauma-informed learning environment for all students.

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Session Objectives

In this session, attendees will:

  • Understand the unique challenges and needs of learners post-2020
  • Discuss what it means to create a more equitable and trauma-informed learning environment.
  • Learn the strategies and tools critical to supporting students in today's educational landscape.

More about the speaker

Michelle Gonzalez Gerth

Michelle Gonzalez Gerth passionately empowers educators to cultivate more equitable and trauma-informed learning environments to support the needs of all students. She has 15 years of classroom experience and completed the PESI Certified Clinical Trauma Professional and the Trauma and Crisis Management Specialist training with the American Association of School Counselors. She has presented on trauma-informed classrooms at the 2019 National Educators for Restorative Practices conference and the 2019 Trauma-Informed Schools Wired Differently conference. Most importantly, she is a wife, mom, lifelong learner and believes that students rise when we value teachers