Give Up "Good Job" and "Awesome" and Offer Explicit Feedback That Enhances Reading Progress

Terrie Noland, CALP

Doctoral Candidate, Ph.D in Literacy & VP of Educator Initiatives, Learning Ally

4:00pm-5:00pm ET

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We've all heard these words. We probably all say these words each day as a way to offer encouragement and motivation for our early readers. However, what do these words mean, and more importantly, are these words doing anything to advance decoding and reading progress? The answer is no. This session will dive into understanding why phrases like "good job" and "awesome" need to be replaced with more explicit and direct feedback that can advance growth and improvement in reading outcomes. “The most powerful single modification that enhances achievement is feedback.” ~John Hattie

Learning objectives will include:
• Understanding the research on feedback and how direct, explicit feedback improves outcomes
• Exploring ways to bolster the way you give feedback during reading instruction
• Building up student capacity to self-reflect and give feedback on their reading progression

This session's beauty is that the way to offer explicit and direct feedback can be applied in any situation. Administrators can use this practice in growing and leading their teams. Teachers can use this knowledge to help guide, grow and direct students in all aspects of the school day.

About the Presenter:

Listen. Listen. Learn Teach. Terrie uses this philosophy as an innovator and a motivator, and it's evident as she leads, coaches and mentors thousands of K-12 educators about the science of reading each year. She has a unique perspective on the need to unify all stakeholders around a vision for education to smash the reading divide for the millions of struggling readers. Her daily mission is to add value to educators to help influence transformational changes in school districts across the country by addressing the needs of marginalized students. Terrie seeks to share her expertise and passion, to encourage, and to illuminate a path towards success and measurable outcomes.

If you looked at Terrie's resume, you would be confused. Her undergraduate and graduate degree work placed her in the field of criminal justice. However, it was through continuous listening and learning that led her on a journey in education starting out in Preschool teaching and administration, then becoming a Certified Academic Language Practitioner, and currently working towards a Ph.D. in Literacy and Educational Leadership from St. John's University. Terrie is also a John Maxwell certified speaker and coach.

As Vice-President of Educator Initiatives at Learning Ally, she works to ignite enthusiasm and excitement by building champion educators and administrators on creating cultures of literacy and learning.

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