Activating Brain Pathways for Sound>Symbol -Early Reading Success

Dr. Joan Smith

Director, Learning Time/EDU-Therapeutics

3:00pm-4:00pm ET

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Learning to read is the most important activity that school age children accomplish. Every child should have success if materials are presented in a brain-friendly sequence that develops sound>symbol memory skills. Recent research guides us in targeting specific brain locations (parietal/temporal) where symbols are processed into words, pronunciation, and meaning added. Good readers then send information to another area of the brain (temporal/occipital) where this information is stored. This session will demonstrate multiple activities, exercises, and materials that strengthen these brain pathways and create successful reading skills for our beginning readers.

About the Presenter:

Joan M. Smith, Ed.D. CA Licensed Speech /Language Pathologist, CA Licensed Educational Psychologist. Author of multiple publications - "You Don't Have to Be Dyslexic", "7 Brain Rules for Learning", "Learning Victories", "Learning Ability Platform - LAP" reading program for beginning readers and/or dyslexic resolution. EDU-Therapeutics trainer for educators, clinical staff, and parents. Experienced presenter - CA School Psychologists conference 2019 - Mega Ways to Teach Executive Function Skills & 2020 - Relieving Dyslexic Learning Symptoms, LD Expert Live -You-Tube - Dyslexia, LD Expert Live - Cog-Fog. Expertise in explaining learning/brain function and creating efficient brain pathways for reading and learning.

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