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Join us as we present Dr. Maryanne Wolf and 15 other experts in the fields of literacy, dyslexia and neuroscience. Designed for education professionals as well as parents, Spotlight on Dyslexia will leave you better informed and more confident as you support students with dyslexia.

Sessions and Presenters

Dr. Maryanne Wolf


Lessons from the Reading Brain for Dyslexia, Early Diagnosis, and Intervention

Dr. Maryanne Wolf

Using knowledge from cognitive neuroscience about the development of the reading brain, Dr. Wolf’s presentation will bring new insights to the prediction, early diagnosis, and targeted intervention of children with dyslexia. Special emphasis will be placed on the development of deep reading skills and on the impact of technology on the 21st century readers.

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helen brandon
Phonological Awareness: Building Skills Early to Develop Confident Future Readers!

Helen Brandon,
Institute for Multi-Sensory Education

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tom hanson
Supporting Students with Dyslexia–Tools for Reading, Writing and Note Taking

Todd Hanson
Director of EdTech Integration, Groves Academy

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suzann vera
Spotting Dyslexia in the Classroom

Suzann Vera & Paula McCoy
International Dyslexia Association, Austin

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vaughn lauer
The Subtle Art of Collaboration in the IEP Process

Vaughn Lauer
Educational Learning and Training, LLC

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barbara steinberg
We've Screened for Dyslexia...Now What?

Barbara Steinberg
PDX Reading Specialist, LLC

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evelyn johnson
How Self-Regulated Learning Helps Students Overcome Stress and Anxiety

Evelyn Johnson & Laura Moylan
Lee Pesky Learning Center

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theresa collins
Technol-OGy: EdTech to Enhance Structured Literacy Instruction

Theresa Collins & Sharon Plante
The Southport School

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richard selznick
Shut-Down Learners, Dyslexia & Executive Functioning: An Overview

Richard Selznick
Author, "What to Do About Dyslexia"

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kristy mathieu
What a Successful Public School Dyslexia Program Looks Like

Kristy Mathieu
CALT, Special Education Teacher, Fair Oaks Ranch Elementary School

Learn More about Kristy Mathieu's presentation | Available after June 14th
arlene sonday
Combining Tech and Tactile in the OG Classroom

Arlene Sonday
Author, Sonday System Essentials (curriculum for classroom OG instruction) and Sonday System Essentials Home (curriculum for homeschoolers)

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lynn givens
Older Struggling Readers: What Do They Need?

Lynn Givens & Michael Hart
Developer, Connect to Comprehension

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kristin barbour
How to Incorporate a "Growth Mindset" in the Classroom for Students with Dyslexia

Kristin Barbour
Executive Director, National Institute for Learning Development

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jules csillag
Increasing Student Engagement Through Research-Driven Technology Use

Jules Csillag
Speech Language Pathologist, ASD Nest Support Project, NYU & Adjunct Faculty Member, PACE & Adelphi University

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mindi johanneman
Effective Multisensory Approaches to Structured Literacy for School and Home

Mindi Johanneman & Beth Chaput
Building Pathways, LLC & Lexercise/Mind InFormation, LLC

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regina richards
Is a Student's Reluctance to Write Dysgraphia? What you need to know

Regina Richards
So CA Tri-Counties Branch of IDA

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Spotlight on Dyslexia

Virtual Conference for Educators and Parents
Available on-demand through Sept. 30, 2019
Price: $99 | Up to 16 CE Certificates
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Spotlight on Dyslexia is the brainstorm idea of our former intern, Will Marsh.