Heather Wiederstein

Vice President, Solutions Development

Heather was appointed to the role of Vice President of Solutions Development in July 2019. She oversees the vision and development of Learning Ally’s Solutions. Heather has spent the last 15 years writing, designing, and managing the delivery of learner-focused educational software. Bringing an educator’s eye to every software project, Heather strives to bring Learning Ally’s partners the highest quality, easy-to-use technology solutions by being keenly in tune with the educators and learners in today’s classrooms. She leverages this understanding and connection to create meaningful education technology solutions that improve classroom practice and student learning.

Heather started her career as a certified classroom teacher in Pennsylvania, teaching reading, English Language Arts, and Literature and Composition in grades 6-12. Since leaving the classroom, she has become a leader in delivering software solutions to the classroom at National Network of Digital Schools, Pearson, and Teaching Strategies. Working at Learning Ally feels personally rewarding for Heather, as her most memorable moments as a teacher were those connecting with her students as readers.


We all have our personal stories and unique backgrounds that connect us to the organization and its mission. Different in many ways, yes, but everyone on the team is passionate about education and possesses a true desire to see students overcome their learning differences to succeed academically, and beyond.