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Tips for Supporting Reading at Home

Categories: Parenting

Student Reading at Dining Room TableTry these ideas to encourage your child to practice reading skills at home.

Encourage Daily Reading

Research shows that reading every day helps children build reading comprehension, fluency, and vocabulary. Consider these suggestions for supporting your child with daily reading:

Establish a Routine 

Designate a specific time for your child to read a book at his or her level for at least 20 minutes every night. For example, set aside time for reading after dinner or before bedtime.

Create a Comfortable Reading Environment 

Use pillows, lamps, and comfortable furniture to set up a cozy reading area in your home. Read your own books there to model good reading habits.

Incorporate Fast and Fun Reads 

Use magazines, newspapers, recipes, TV schedules, and road signs as reading opportunities. Incorporate quick reading whenever and wherever you and your child happen to be.

Share Workplace Reading 

Bring home materials and documents from your job so your child sees the relevance of reading in the workplace and the long-term importance of becoming a successful reader.

Read and Ride 

Listen to audio books while traveling by car so your child hears modeled fluent reading. Bring a CD or mp3 player with headphones for your child to listen to audio books while on a train or plane.

Read and Chat 

Discuss the books that your child is reading. Ask questions such as: What was your favorite part? Who were your favorite and least favorite characters? Can you think of another ending?

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