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October is National Dyslexia Awareness Month Learning and Sharing What Works for Children with Dyslexia

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illustration of a person who is surrounded by stars and uncertaintyThe most difficult problem for children with dyslexia is learning to read.

Learning Ally remains vigilant working with educators and families to improve the lives and learning outcomes of children, adolescents, and college students with dyslexia.

Research suggests that if all children were taught to read using approaches that work for students with dyslexia, like providing access to multiple modalities of reading instruction, reading achievement would improve overall. 

How do we know what works with students with dyslexia? 

  • What resources and tools, strategies and instructional approaches are most effective? 

  • What does the latest research say about how our brains learn to read? 

  • What approaches do literacy experts recommend to prepare struggling readers for school, and for support at home?   

  • What can you do to build collective intelligence about this learning disability that affects one in five students?

We want to invite all parents and families to take advantage of our 2023 Spotlight on Dyslexia on-demand virtual conference. 

These sessions are geared toward improving reading outcomes in schools, but you can also benefit with a clear understanding of how to support your child, and advocate for more children with dyslexia. 

Register now to hear from more than a dozen literacy experts in early education, reading and literacy instruction, brain-based research, and the science of reading. 

Use code: SPOD23Parent. For just $69 you will take part in a growing movement of movers and shakers leading the way for all children to become successful readers.  

  • Strengthen your knowledge on the latest brain-based research.

  • Learn proven instructional strategies that ensure your child gets the support they need to become solid readers.

  • View an actual video simulation of how dyslexia affects our brain’s processing functions in the act of reading.   

Build Collective Intelligence

Thank you for sharing this video play list from literacy thought leaders about dyslexia with your social network and local community to build up our collective intelligence with everyone you meet! 

Learning Ally Audiobook Solution is a proven resource and accommodation in breaking down reading barriers for students with dyslexia.