Square Panda
Literacy System

Strong Foundational Reading Skills Build Successful Independent Readers

The Square Panda Literacy System is a proven multi-sensory adaptive learning system that utilizes differentiated instruction to accelerate early literacy skills for Pre-K - 1st grade students, including those who need additional support.

The supplemental phonics-based system works alongside any curriculum to help build core literacy skills, fluency, and vocabulary. This engaging student program gives teachers insight into students’ skills progression helping them to develop confident readers.

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Flexible Early Literacy Instruction for School and Home

With the multisensory, adaptive literacy system available on Home Edition Playsets, it's easy and fun for parents and students to engage in systematic phonics instruction and simple for teachers to monitor student progress remotely.

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A Scaffolded Adaptive Solution to Build Strong Reading Skills
and Confident Readers

Adaptive and Personalized

The apps are designed to engage students in fun learning activities while measuring student skills and personalizing the instruction for each student. The system meets students where they are, regardless of reading readiness, and keeps them in their optimal learning zone.

Multi-Sensory and Science Backed

Research shows that multi-sensory instruction accelerates reading skills development and literacy. The playset, letterset, and learning app provides visual, audio, kinesthetic, and tactile interaction for the student.

Teacher Capacity

Supports independent student learning and personalized instruction for a classroom of diverse reading readiness. By measuring student progress, it provides teachers with insight on student skills development and overall advancement which the teacher can use for individualized teacher-based instruction.

Build Independent Readers

Students can quickly experience the pride and satisfaction of reading their first book while they are still early in their reading skill development. With a 1:1 correspondence between Squareland and Squaretales instruction, students practice reading connected and correlated text in Squaretales which is fully aligned to their learning experience in Squareland.

The variety of Square Panda games makes it easy to differentiate instruction and ensure that each student is challenged and successful. It has been a great tool to support phonological awareness.

K. Weatherford, PreK Teacher

Square Panda brings educational value to tablet technology, and the kids love it. We have tried many different literacy tools, but Square Panda is a favorite. We have already seen gains in student progress.

Emily Good, Principal

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The Research Behind the Square Panda Literacy System

See first hand how the square panda literacy system works for struggling to advanced readers.

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