Student listening to audio textbooks

Audiobooks, especially when read by humans, can be an important part of success...”

Barbara Wilson

Co-Founder, Wilson Language Training and author of the Wilson Reading System

Why Human-Read Audiobooks?

For students with dyslexia and other reading deficits that cause them to read below grade level, leveled readers may not be enough. While they help students learn to read, if used exclusively, they also limit students’ opportunities to acquire grade-level content. As a result, they often fall behind, become disengaged and lose interest in learning. Barbara Wilson explains how the Learning Ally Audiobook Solution bridges the reading gap by providing equitable access to grade-level content in a format students can easily absorb.

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Barbara Wilson explains why reading accommodations like the Learning Ally Audiobook Solution are important to developing vocabulary, reading and comprehension skills.

Student listening to audio textbooks

Experience a Human-Read Audiobook with Highlighted Text

Our audiobook library contains high-quality, human-read audiobooks complete with word highlighting. The highlighted text allows readers to follow along with the material while listening to a human voice, increasing engagement, retention and comprehension.

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Not sure about using audiobooks in the classroom?

We're ready to set the record straight. Would it surprise you to learn that using audiobooks in the classroom can improve reading scores? There are actually quite a few things you may not know about teaching with audiobooks. We explore some of the most pervasive myths in our latest infographc.

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The Impact of Learning Ally