Behind the Scenes

Come behind the scenes to discover more about this remarkable project and delve into Learning Ally’s efforts to champion literacy instruction.


The Why

Stepping into the classrooms of our fellow educators offers a valuable window into their teaching practices in real time. Regardless of where we are in our journey as educators, observing our peers presents us with an invaluable opportunity to reflect on our methods.

At Learning Ally, we believe educators are the vital link to student literacy achievement. We are committed to supporting educators as they integrate evidence-based instruction into their classrooms.


The Who

Our team at Learning Ally was thrilled to collaborate with a dedicated principal, passionate educators, a supportive literacy coach, and a skilled film crew for this project. Together, our goal was to vividly capture the interactive essence of daily instruction in the elementary classroom. By doing so, we aim to further our mission of supporting educators and their students in achieving their literacy goals.