Due to the unusual weather across the United States and the impact on many schools, we are extending the Great Reading Games end date to March 14, 2021. So far, over 50,000 students have read over 14 million pages! To inspire more students to read than ever before, we challenge everyone to get to 20 million pages read. Let's see those pages fly by and your success soar!

Pages fly by as stamina goes sky-high

Learning Ally's Great Reading Games is a 7-week event proven to help educators engage students and increase reading stamina. Struggling readers return to class each day excited to see how many pages they read and if their school has moved up on one of the 12 school leaderboards. Dyslexic and struggling readers have the motivation they need and the recognition they deserve for their reading achievements!

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Third-place winning school educators and students share the impact of the games and celebrate their success.


Tuesday, March 2nd, 2021: Read Across America Day Event!

Don't miss this amazing opportunity to hear from Grant Patrizio, Learning Ally narrator of the famous Dog Man series by Dav Pilkey! 

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Grant Patrizio

About Grant Patrizio

Grant was born in Marin County, California. He's loved playing video games and watching cartoons since he was a kid, and he knew that's where he wanted his life to go. One night in high school, he learned about voice acting thanks to a youtube video featuring an interview about Nathan Lane's work on “the lion king" (1994). As a voice actor, he's lent his skills to a variety of audiobooks, animated works, video games, and audio dramas! Learn more about Grant!

How do schools and students win?

On January 11, 2021, the games begin! The points from your pre game Boost-Up activity and your students’ reading activity through the Learning Ally Audiobook app will be tallied to create your score. You can follow the action on our twelve leaderboards. Schools will be placed into a bracket with others like them.

  • 100 points for every day a student reads 20 minutes on a weekday
  • 50 points for everyday a student reads 20 minutes on a Saturday or Sunday
  • 10 points for every page read
  • 1 point for every student that you have reading

NEW THIS YEAR! 5 ways to BOOST-UP your score before the games begin!

  • 200 points for every new educator that is added (Nov 9th- Jan 10th)
  • 1000 points for every unique educator that adds a book to a student's bookshelf (Nov 9th- Nov 30th)
  • 500 points for every unique educator that adds a book to a student's bookshelf (Dec 1st- Jan 10th)
  • 5000 points & a digital school badge if you get 4 or more educators to add a book to a student's bookshelf
  • 2000 points if this is your first year participating in the Great Reading Games!

What do schools and students win?

Your students and school can win lots of great prizes, including:

  • $500 digital gift card for the top school in each bracket
  • $150 digital gift card for schools placing 2nd through 5th in each bracket
  • $100 digital gift card for schools placing 6th through 10th in each bracket
  • $100 digital gift card for the top 30 students in each grade level (10 in Elementary, 10 in Middle and 10 in High School)
  • $100 digital gift card for #GRG21 activities. Share on social to win!
Learning Allys Great Reading Games

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Learning Ally's Great Reading Games takes students to a whole new level of reading. This award-winning program helps educators engage students to use human-read audiobooks to read at or above grade level, double their reading time and triple their reading frequency.

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Downloads and Printables for Schools

Use the following resources to motivate students, share results with parents, and create a culture of reading in your school. More educators added to your school account will help you add and engage more winning readers. Spread the word at your school!

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