Pages fly by as stamina goes sky-high

Learning Ally's Great Reading Games is a 7-week event proven to help educators engage students and increase reading stamina. Struggling readers return to class each day excited to see how many pages they read and if their school has moved up on one of the 12 school leaderboards. Dyslexic and struggling readers have the motivation they need and the recognition they deserve for their reading achievements!

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Third-place winning school educators and students share the impact of the games and celebrate their success.

Who is winning?

Check your school's standing on one of the 12 nationwide leaderboards. You'll see the leading school in each bracket until you use the bracket filters to find your school. Educators can log in to see which bracket their school is in and share with their community so everyone can encourage the readers!

Bracket NameRankNameStateScore
Elementary Purple1Mt Zion Christian AcademyFL505085
Elementary Green1HOLY FAMILY SCHOOLNY549234
Elementary Orange1ACADEMY AT NOLA DUNNTX2123018
Middle School Green1RAFAEL CANTU JR HIGH SCHOOLTX1143009
Middle School Orange1BARTON MIDDLE SCHOOLTX1423599
High School Purple1LITTLE ELM HIGH SCHOOL (061914001)TX196963
High School Blue1ECTOR COLLEGE PREP SUCCESS ACADEMY (068901047)TX136515
High School Orange1SPRING VALLEY SCHOOLAL1314875

How do schools and students win?

On January 7, 2019, the reading begins! We tally the points from the Learning Ally audiobook reading app and you can follow the action on our leaderboard. Twelve brackets will each have their own leaderboard. Schools will be placed into a bracket with others like them.

Your students and school can win lots of great prizes, including:

  • Chromebooks and headphones for the top school in each bracket
  • $100 gift card and prize packs for the top five schools in each bracket
  • $100 prize pack and national recognition for the top 30 students
  • Chromebooks for sharing #GRG19 reading activities. Share on social to win!
  • And much, much more!
Learning Ally's Great Reading Games

For struggling readers,
this is a game-changer

Learning Ally's Great Reading Games takes students to a whole new level of reading. This award-winning program helps educators engage students to use human-read audiobooks to read at or above grade level, double their reading time and triple their reading frequency.

Tips from Winning Teachers

Downloads and Printables for Schools

Use the following resources to motivate students, share results with parents, and create a culture of reading in your school. More educators added to your school account will help you add and engage more winning readers. Spread the word at your school!

Explore resources:

Schools celebrate reading with featured author, Kwame Alexander

Kwame AlexanderKwame uses his novels, The Crossover, Booked, Rebound, Solo, and Swing to immerse students in rich, lively poetry. Through a live webinar, he will connect with classrooms across the country to celebrate Great Reading Games readers on Read Across America day on March 1, 2019 at 11 am ET. 

This event cannot be recorded. Schools are invited to LIVE stream this event to their entire student body. Get event details.

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Sample Kwame's lastest new release, "Swing" on the Learning Ally audiobook reading app.

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