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“[Excite Reading] helped lead and enhance the discussion, and it was helpful to me to have that extra higher order learning and questioning.”

— Sher, elementary school teacher

Introducing Excite Reading™

Bridge the gap between decoding and reading comprehension with a rich e-library of authentic literature.

Today's students are entering school with more diverse reading readiness and less exposure to words and books. These emerging readers need help beyond decoding, such as vocabulary and background knowledge, to be able to read with true comprehension.

Excite Reading™, a part of the Whole Child Literacy System™, develops vocabulary and background knowledge while putting the whole child at the center of instruction.

This supplemental program for grades PreK-2 addresses diverse reading readiness through

  • a library of rich, engaging e-books
  • themes that explore gardens, insects, music and more
  • carefully designed lessons that holistically build vocabulary and background knowledge
  • activities creating context to deepen comprehension
  • support for social emotional learning
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Excite Reading™

Build vocabulary and background knowledge to move beyond decoding to reading comprehension

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What the research says

“Planning for repeated readings of a text with rich vocabulary and of related learning activities enriches children's learning across domains and the curriculum. It is also a wonderful strategy for making the most of the reading experience.”
(Kinsner and Parlakian, 2021)

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Engage students with a fun e-library

A mix of classic and contemporary titles draw students into reading with anytime access in school or at home. This collection of charming stories and enticing themes includes human-read narration that helps develop understanding as students explore different worlds.

Make connections across curricula and cultures

Lessons include questions that spark conversations exploring cultures. Peter Rabbit's mother goes to the baker and buys brown bread. What other kinds of bread do families eat--pitas? Naan? Tortillas? Thoughtful questions and engaging activities also cross to other subject areas such as math, social studies, art and more.

Build vocabulary and background knowledge for context and understanding

Corresponding book guides help educators build vocabulary and background knowledge so emerging readers can make sense of each story's world within words. Each theme builds a larger context so students can embark on a higher level of discourse using vocabulary to express questions, answers, and ideas.

Track student progress

Using the teacher portal, educators can assign books to the whole class, small groups, or individual students. They can see at glance what books students have on their shelves and how many have been read.

“This gives the students an opportunity to hear a book with rich vocabulary that they might not be able to hear otherwise.”
— Donna, elementary school teacher

“The program was perfect, especially for a lot of my reluctant readers. They loved everything about it.”
— Kristin, elementary school teacher