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Spotlight on Dyslexia delivers powerful and impactful professional learning suitable for educators of all levels.

  • Learn the impact of early intervention to put students with dyslexia on the path to success.
  • Discover instructional strategies to help your students achieve their academic potential.
  • Hear how research-driven technology and tools can boost classroom effectiveness.
  • Connect with the experts and other educators to share first-hand experiences.

Speakers and Sessions

Join keynote speakers Dr. Anita Archer, nationally acclaimed education expert and Emily Hanford, American Public Media Senior Correspondent, and 14 other experts in the fields of literacy, dyslexia and neuroscience. Designed for education professionals as well as parents, Spotlight on Dyslexia will leave you better prepared and more confident as you support students with dyslexia on their path to success.

Keynote Speakers

Photo Of Emily Hanford

Keynote: Discovering the Reading Science

Emily Hanford
Senior Correspondent, APM Reports, American Public Media

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Photo Of  Anita Archer

Keynote: The Science of Reading Meets the Science of Instruction

Dr. Anita Archer
Nationally Acclaimed Education Expert

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Early Literacy

Photo Of Jennifer Hasser

The Memory Connection: Multisensory Strategies for Boosting Students’ Working Memory Throughout Phonics Instruction

Jennifer Hasser
Executive Director, Kendore Learning

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Photo Of  Kai-lee Berke

A Solid Literacy Foundation: The Critical Importance of the Early Childhood Years

Kai-leé Berke
Early Childhood Curriculum and Assessment Author

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Photo Of Barbara Steinberg

How to Screen for Dyslexia

Barbara Steinberg
PDX Reading Specialist

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Photo Of Kelli Sandman-Hurley, Ed.D. & Tracy Block-Zaretsky

Making Sense of Words for Our Youngest Readers and Writers

Kelli Sandman-Hurley, Ed.D. & Tracy Block-Zaretsky

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Science of Reading

Photo Of Leta Palmiter & Chad Myers

The Case for Practice

Leta Palmiter
Ed.S., CALT, LDT, Lexercise Therapist, Illuminations Center for Dyslexia

Chad Myers
CEO, Lexercise

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Photo Of Sue Hall

Fish Don't Climb Trees - A Whole New Approach to Learning Challenges

Sue Hall
Positive Dyslexia and Chair of The Whole Dyslexic Society

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Photo Of Cherry Lee

How an Entire State is Equipping Educators with Knowledge and Skills to Implement Effective Literacy Instruction

Cherry Lee
Texas Education Agency

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Photo Of Colby Hall

Contrasting Approaches to Dyslexia Instruction: What are the "Active Ingredients"?

Colby Hall
The University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston

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Advanced Dyslexia

Photo Of Richard Wagner

Dyslexia Deciphered: An Update on What We Know

Richard Wagner
Florida State University and Florida Center for Reading Research

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Photo Of Maggie Kjer

The Intersection of Dyslexia, Reading Disorders, and Language Disorders

Maggie Kjer
Director, Pearson Clinical

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Photo Of Kristin Barbour

The Role of Cognition in Reading and Literacy Skills and the Impact on Students with Dyslexia

Kristin Barbour
Executive Director - National Institute for Learning Development

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Photo Of Nanci King Shepardson

What Does the Research Say About Which Technologies Support the Learner with Dyslexia?

Nanci King Shepardson
Senior Educational Technologist/Wilson Language Training

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Photo Of Alicia Roberts Frank

Orthography: Why Should I Care About Spelling?

Alicia Roberts Frank

Regional Administrator for Special Programs/Dyslexia Specialist for Educational Service District 113

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Photo Of Lois Letchford

There is NO Correlation Between Ease of Learning to Read and "IQ"

Lois Letchford
Speaker, Author, Educator

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