Help with Dyslexia

Mike didn’t cheat to overcome dyslexia – he got the support he needed!

Mike battled dyslexia as a child, and even had to watch his younger brother pass his reading level. Mike says simply: “It was terrible.” His family discovered Learning Ally’s audiobooks, and his whole outlook on life shifted dramatically.

Learning Ally Audiobook Solution works:

  • Human-read audiobooks for kids will help them focus, visualize and understand content
  • Access textbooks and titles children want to read with an audiobook subscription
  • Read independently, while building vocabulary, background knowledge and comprehension with the best audiobook app

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Is Learning Ally Right for Your Child?

The use of Learning Ally audiobooks are restricted to those who have a demonstrated learning disability, visual impairment, or physical disability that makes it difficult to read using traditional print. For legal reasons, we require documentation from a qualified professional for each member.

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