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Empower Parents to Support Reading Success with the Learning Ally Solution

Categories: Assistive Technology, Audiobook Library, Education & Teaching, Learning Ally “How-To Use”

We’ve all heard the proverb “It takes a village to raise a child.”

Students thrive and succeed in school when they are supported by parents, teachers, and the community. This is especially true for students with reading disabilities or who struggle to read grade-level content. The key to gaining the support of parents is communication.

To aid you in connecting with parents as students begin to use Learning Ally’s human-read audiobooks, we've developed this helpful resource guide.

Host a Fun Parent Night or Event


One way to inform parents about Learning Ally is to host a parent night or event.

When you host a Parent Night to inform parents about the importance of reading with Learning Ally, you will build capacity in your ability to teach in the classroom. Students will have the support of their parents and feel more empowered to read in school and at home. They will also come to class more prepared and eager to tackle their assignments. 

Support more students who struggle to read and get their parents involved. Check out all of the great teacher and parent resources and sign up for a demo today!

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