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Staying Connected While Disconnected

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As we navigate this new normal of being distant, but together, it is essential we continue the powerful connections we make with our students and colleagues. Books are the bridge, allowing us to preserve our community and connection through reading.

The Teacher and Student Connection

Want your students to know you are thinking of them? Send them a personalized book recommendation! Through the Educator Portal you have the ability to add a book directly to a student's bookshelf. Students who are using an iOS or Android device receive a push notification (opt-in only) to let them know that a new book was added. Think of how excited your students would be to know you remembered they really loved cars, and have added a book recommendation accordingly! Want guidance on how to access a book? Watch this short video. 

One of the greatest joys of teaching is having a shared experience around a story, hearing a student's predictions of what will come next, a connection to a character, or simply learning a new word they discovered. Within the Learning Ally Audiobook App students are able to bookmark portions of text, look up words in the dictionary, and make citations, reactions or questions through the notetaking feature. Students can email their vocabulary list, bookmarks, and other notes to a teacher, parent, or fellow student (with a valid email address). Students can also download their notes and share them as needed. Hear from a student on how to maximize their Audiobook App experience. If you need additional guidance on getting started with the Audiobook App, visit our Getting Started Guide, available in English/Spanish. 

Educators need access to information that can help answer the ongoing question of, "how are my students doing?" Educators can utilize the Learning Ally Educator Portal Dashboard to see a snapshot of class progress, having access to up-to-date data which shows Reading With Frequency, pages read, days read, and time spent reading. Educators can also gain insight into the reading progress of the individual student as well by accessing the individual student report. This report indicates which books are currently on a student's bookshelf, when it was added, who it was added by, and the number of pages read within each book. This individual student report gives insight into a student's reading habits and preferences, allowing a teacher to see if a student is continuing to read while apart. This video gives guidance on how to navigate the Educator Portal. 

How Can Educators Stay Connected with Each Other? 

For educators, this is an unprecedented time in their teaching careers and a support network of colleagues will help navigate these uncharted waters. Learning Ally is here to guide you in connecting with your network of colleagues and peers through the following channels:

  • Facebook: Our Facebook Group, "Learning Ally: Educators Reading and Succeeding". This community will help educators share and grow their knowledge about PreK-12 reading instruction that is embedded in research and evidence-based practices. The goal of the group is to make each other better, grow and learn every day and make monumental changes in the lives of our students.
  • Twitter: Follow Terrie Noland for daily (brief) videos to help you stay motivated and engaged during this time of transition.


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