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Reconciling the Science of Reading and Effective Instruction

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While the science of reading has focused educators on what the research tells us is necessary for children to learn to read, confusion remains about how best to teach what the research tells us. If we start with the understanding grounded in the work of Gough and Tunmer, then add the Reading Rope by Dr. Hollis Scarborough, and articulated most recently in the "Defining Guide," we have a great deal of clarity about what is essential. So how do we take this body of evidence and use it to understand how best to teach?

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About the Author

Linda Diamond is the founder and former president of Consortium on Reaching Excellence in Education (CORE), a professional learning organization that serves schools, districts, and state agencies to improve literacy and math achievement for all students. Ms. Diamond is the author of three widely-used professional books for educators, Teaching Reading Sourcebook, Assessing Reading: Multiple Measures, and the Vocabulary Handbook. Previously, Ms. Diamond served as a K-12 district administrator, a middle school and elementary principal, a high school teacher, and a senior policy analyst in an education think tank. She is now spending part of her retirement overseeing NCTQ's revision and implementation of the Reading Foundations standard for the Teacher Prep Review, working with curriculum publishers and selected non-profit organizations, and focusing on improving literacy outcomes for all students.

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