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Fun and Educational Books to Match Calendar Events Throughout the Year

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by Kristin Longmuir, Learning Ally's Content Acquisition Specialist 

Teacher’s monthly event calendars can be a great resource to explore special holidays, sports, the seasons, historical moments, and fun, lesser known topics, to make reading fun and informative.

Did you know that Learning Ally features many audiobooks that match or complement the monthly calendar events you might be teaching for an upcoming assignment? We do! In fact, our library staff loves to help you select the right books to motivate students, of all ages, to read independently, and participate in more class and book discussions.

In this blog, we’ve selected titles by age/grade groups to give you a taste of what you can find. Some of these titles are wacky, just what some students need to enjoy reading. Others are graphic novels, historical events and subject specific titles, like the weather.

When you assign audiobooks that match real-time events and students’ personal interests you can spark their imaginations. Why not browse our audiobook features section first to search by category and popular titles. Then, bookmark that page, so Learning Ally becomes your go-to library resource for fresh ideas. We hope these selections will help you jumpstart new reading ideas!

Fun and Educational Books to Match Calendar Events Throughout the Year

November - U.S. Weather Service Established In 1870

It’s Raining Fish And Spiders

Grades 5-8

Shelf Number: KX819

December - Wright Brothers Day

The Wright Brothers

Grades 3-7

Lexile: 720L

Shelf Number: KR140


January - Benjamin Franklin Day

Who Was Ben Franklin?

Grades 3-7

Lexile: 600

Shelf Number: JR982

- Make A Friend Day

Because Of Winn-Dixie

Grades 4-7

Lexile: 610L

Shelf Number: HV782


March - Iditarod Race Takes Place

The Great Serum Race : Blazing The Iditarod Trail

Grades 2-7

Lexile: AD910L

Shelf Number: KW161

April - Poem In Your Pocket Day

Shout!: Little Poems That Roar

Grades K-3

Lexile 640L

Shelf Number : KY474


May - Space Day

Lost In Outer Space: The Incredible Journey Of Apollo 13

Grades 3-7

Lexile: 910L

Shelf Number: NA078


June - International Picnic Day

Shoo, Fly Guy!

Grades K-3

Lexile: 410L

Shelf Number NA765

July - First Picture Postcard Made

Postcards From Pismo

Grades 4-7

Shelf Number: KW839

August - World Mosquito Day

Why Mosquitoes Buzz In People's Ears : A West Africa Tale

Grades K-3

Lexile: 700L

Shelf Number: HY461


September - Eat An Extra Dessert Day

A Fine Dessert: Four Centuries, Four Families, One Delicious Treat

Grades K-3

Lexile: AD770L

October - Taco Day

Dragons Love Tacos!

Grades K-3

Lexile: AD720L

Shelf Number: KQ097

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